Calibration Services

Our Calibration, Measurement and Repair Services can meet your technical needs. Our services can be carried out on-site, thereby minimizing interruption to your manufacturing and/or commercial operations.

Our services allow your company to comply with the strict industry standards and obtain the certification it needs. We make calibration easier and calibration time-consuming by offering a follow-up service to each of your pieces of equipment throughout its entire life cycle. Through:

A quality system based on the ISO 17025 Standard

Reminder service scheduled for calibrations and/or services due.

We provide support in the estimation of the calibration interval based on the calibration results of each of the equipment.

We offer direct access to your certificates through a cloud database.

We offer same day quote services.

Calibration Services in your Company (On-Site Services)

We deliver the certificates the same day of your services.

We assign a unique identification code to each of your equipment.

We provide support in recommending new equipment for your measurement systems.

We have a collection service the same day of your equipment to be calibrated.


We offer you direct access to your calibration certificates through an app from your mobile device.

Our teams of technicians have the capacity to provide you with calibration, design, process validation and test method services. based on more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and design industry.

This service reduces preparation times prior to internal and external audits by having your Calibration certificates immediately, through a barcode reading through your mobile device.


Field / On-Site Calibration Services

Our on-site calibration services are based on the specific needs of each of our clients to meet the specific needs of their test and measurement equipment.

GARE HI-TECHNOLOGY Calibration services are supported by a Quality System under the ISO 17025 standard and in turn comply with the regulations of various quality systems of our clients such as:

Regular internal calibration audits against ISO09001, AS9100, ISO16949 and many other international quality standards.

Complete administration of the database, to externally control the calibration periods and intervals of each of your equipment.

GARE HI-TECHNOLOGY, offers support during your internal and external audits including audits of dependencies such FDA, FAA, ISOs

Instrumental calibration maintenance and repair services

Extend the life cycle of your equipment.


Most equipment has what is called an “asset life cycle”. You buy a tool or piece of equipment, use it, calibrate it, reuse it, and the cycle repeats. Eventually, that tool or piece of equipment may drift “out of tolerance” with manufacturer specifications or industry quality standards. In many cases, the repair service can correct the problem.

GARE HI TECHNOLOGY offers repair services for a wide range of tools and equipment. We bring equipment in need of repair to our lab, perform a thorough assessment of its condition, and provide an estimate of repair costs. We determine the scope of what is needed, the parts that need replacement and, at the request of our clients, the repairs are executed in our laboratory.

Validation of Equipment Tests and Processes.

GARE HI-TECHNOLOGY offers its Validation services to clients who require process, product or equipment validation. Through:

Process analysis

Process mapping

Design of experiments

Process Failure Mode Design (PFMEA)

Design Failure Mode Design (DFMEA)

We can design a validation or test program to meet your specific requirements. When companies verify that their products or processes are stable and repeatable and that they also meet international standards, they can offer the guarantee that their products are delivered with optimal quality.